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Let us worry about the booking, while you do the cooking!

Food cost, labor, inventory, gas, propane, permits, marketing, branding, and so much more goes into owning and operating a successful Food Truck. We understand the behind-the-truck logistics of everything it takes to make this business a success. 
Let us take the stress of “Where should I park” and finding great locations around town out of your day-to-day. We call and screen the locations for you. Our screening process ensures the following before we ever take on a location as a client: 
  • What are the permitting requirements for that location ?
  • How many people reside or work there? 
  • What % is that property occupied ? 
  • We keep sales records of all past sales for each location we service which we can share with you upon booking. 
  • We ensure your onsite safety. 
  • We can provide access to extension cords or outlets if needed with due notice. 
  • We work with properties and clients to ensure marketing and promotion have been done prior to service. 
  • We recognize one truck every month for excellence in service all around. 
We charge a small placement fee for each booking, once you register for free.
What are you waiting for? Join our team today! 

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